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Favorites of 2016

Another year of photographing weddings wrapped up. I had some outstanding clients this year who entrusted me with their big day. I made some great connections along the way and was witness to some extraordinary moments, light, and vistas. Below are some of my favorites from this year. Quite moments, and epic scenes. Weddings from a photographers perspective are multifaceted. There’s the portrait sessions with the bride and groom, the details and table settings, the landscape and the environment, the events, moments, and emotions peppered through out the day. At times I feel like an anthropologist documenting an age old ritual in that’s been practiced for thousands of years. I hesitate to call these my best images of the year, though there are some photographs that I’m quite fond of.  With the new year beginning. I look forward to what photographic opportunities 2017 will bring.

Emily and Kevin | The Sanctuary | Sedalia, CO.

Being a witness to so many weddings is such an amazing opportunity. At times I feel like an anthropologist. I get this unique access to these family dynamics, their culture, their particular way of interacting with one another. When in your life does your family, and friends all gather in one place to celebrate you? One of the most powerful moments for me at Emily and Kevin’s wedding came when Kevin’s father gave his speech. Kevin’s father was also his best man, and during his speech he said that at some point his son had become his best friend. There wasn’t a dry eye during that speech and while I was trying to photograph the moment I kept thinking to myself, at what other time in a man’s life would a son get the opportunity to hear his father express his admiration for his son in front of a room full of friends and family? Weddings are truly a special occasion and I am grateful for the experiences and the trust my clients enable me to document them. Thank you Emily and Kevin.












Raccoon Creek | Jackie and Pete

Here’s a weird statement. I’ll never stop being surprised about how much I love shooting weddings. Just when I think I may have hit a wall I land at a wedding like Jackie and Pete’s where the couple, the family, and the rest of the wedding guests connect with me on a level that makes me feel like a part of the group. The connection reinvigorates my spirit, my eye, and my desire for more, more experiences, more story telling images, and more weddings to photograph.