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Vail Wedding Photography | Brittany and Nick | Donovan Pavillion

As one can imagine there is a lot of love going on the day of a wedding. Brittany and Nick’s wedding was no exception. There was love from the bridal party (14 on each side!!!) there was love from the family. Each side had a role in the ceremony. Brittany’s borther was the officiant, Nick’s dad played guitar, and at the reception, the best man and maid of honor gave some of the most heartfelt speeches I’ve heard. Because there was so much love I really felt a connection to the group…that’s probably in part that I’ve known Brittany for quite some time through other weddings I photographed but also because the families and the guests were so warm and kind to me I felt like more of a guest than I did a wedding photographer. Thank you so much, Brittany and Nick. I hope you enjoy this little preview!

Laura and Gabriel | Boulder Wedding Photography

In Colorado the story of the day can revolve around the weather. You can set your watch to the afternoon showers that occur in the high country. Laura and Gabriel had a small intimate wedding with right around 50 guests in attendance. Everything took place at a large house they rented through airbnb. The preparations, the details, the table settings, the ceremony, and the reception all took place on the sprawling Boulder property. 15 minutes before the ceremony the heavy rains began. Plan B was to do the ceremony in the basement of the house (gulp). Luckily for everyone the bride and groom patiently waited out the storm which lasted maybe 15-20 minutes. The clouds parted and the couple went through with the original plan and we all witnessed one of the most personal and emotionally rich ceremonies I have seen in my 10 years as a wedding photographer.

Brittany and Stephen | Treasure Island, Florida

The forecast called for rain. Rain all day. While having breakfast before the wedding the down pour started and continued through lunch. Nobody traveled all the way to Treasure Island, FL. located off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to see a beach wedding get moved to an indoor location. As Brittany got ready in her hotel room we watched the rain go from heavy, to light, to just a drop here and there and as the ceremony began the clouds parted and created a spectacular view for Brittany and Stephens guests and…their photographer.