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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Focus, exposure, composition, light, and a clean background. The first three are the easiest to master, many amateurs have solid skills with the first two, you learn composition after looking thousands of photos and taking even more photographs. For some reason I think it is the last two that I am finally starting to really […]

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Mas Pictures

Some stuff from today, Talons Challenge at Beaver Creek 13 mogul runs in one day. I am not really into bumps so this assignment wasn’t exactly awesome but the sun was out which helped with light on the bumps. ….then on to a calligraphy workshop, just a feature photo.

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I think that photojournalist have a tough job, its hard to show up at a mundane type situation and make something out of nothing. I had a good day yesterday I shot in the town of Minturn all day long it was good to get out and just shoot and not sit around the office […]

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