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Monthly Archives: March 2008


I am currently editing my portfolio for a website…and it is stressful…editing my photos defines who I am as a photographer I am afraid I may be showing weakness while I edit…like if my edit is too loose I start to repeat myself…but too tight maybe I don’t show enough of my style. It is […]

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Family Action

MIa is skeptical.My brother Logan.My other niece Mia.Every morning when I would wake up I would walk up stairs and see my grandpa sitting at the end of the couch.My sister and her daughter Ellie it was great to spend time with my nieces.My grandma is an amazing piano player.Deciding what color sweater to wear.My […]

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Hut Trip

Here are some photos from this weeks hut trip…it was a great and challenging experience. We started with a 5.5 mile hike up to the hut we stayed for two nights I think I got four runs in while I was there but every single run was worth the work. I hope to do this […]

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