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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Type 55 Polaroids

I traded in about four used Nikon lenses about a month ago (I don’t shoot Nikon anymore) they were just sitting around collecting dust so I went over to the Camera Trader and exchanged my lenses for a 4×5 Speed Graphic Camera. It is an old press camera from the 50’s that shoots a 4inch […]

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Paulina and Isaac

I photographed this wedding with Julie last weekend in Crested Butte. I had never been to Crested Butte before it is a cute little mountain town where everyone has a town cruiser. It has great feel to it and everyone was really nice. Again I spent the day mostly with the groom Isaac. And he […]

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Bryan and Kara

My how the time flies! I photographed this wedding of Bryan and Kara at the end of May as a second photographer for Julie Harris. I love working with Julie she really makes the wedding a fun time not only for me but for her clients. I had never met Kara face to face before […]

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