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Bukue One and Del the Funky Homosapien preform in my living room

Friday night is a night that I will always remember. For some of you that know me know that I live in a ware house with 5 other people we have had a total of three parties in the warehouse and Friday night’s party is going to be a hard one to top. Bukue One got the crowd hyped up and Del brought the party to its Zenith. It was a free show, free PBR, free Red Bull and Svedka Vodka, all free. The vibes were great all night and anyone that was lucky enough to attend will surely never forget it. Thanks to all the sponsor for making it happen, PBR, Red Bull, Svedka, Skull Candy, Arnette, Snowboard MagazinePow, Space Craft, Newspeak Tattoo, and of course So-Gnar, and Ink Monstr.

Nate - duder, nothing short of amazing.

reed - Best del show i have ever been to. dats whats up!

Jenny - sad we missed this one man…the shots are great, we’ll be at the next one.

Spacecraft Clothing » Del at Ink Monstr - [...] Click Here to View Photos Back to top « spacecraft headed to baker see you up there ! $(document).ready(function() { //$("#content img").attr("width","575"); $("#content img").each(function(){ var maxWidth = 575; //if($(this).width() > maxWidth){ newWidth = maxWidth; newHeight = $(this).height() * (maxWidth / $(this).width()); $(this).height(newHeight).width(newWidth); //} }); }); [...]

USB Memory Direct - That looks like quite the party. I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing Del preform once, can’t imagine having the show in your own house!

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